Posted on 16-Jun-2020

Himawari Ramen Bar

Our shop's been closed since 12th June because I've lost my mobility to work. This is due to an accident when an Volvo driven by a old Chinese man slammed into me when I was crossing the road (9/6/2020) in the early hours.

The driver did stopped in time to prevent further serious injuries. I did managed to recover my balance and not fall down. Was it negligence, road bully, poor eyesight, using a mobile phone while driving or drinking under the influence of alcohol?

The driver seemed to be in a daze and didn't responded as he glazed at me dully for a prolonged minute. I would say he was driving under the influence of alcohol as his reactions is similar to an intoxicated person.

He said I am free to report this incident to the police and drove away. I have only managed to snapped an image of his rear number place which half of the plate was missing.

The after-effects only emerged three days later. I could not walk properly and my strength was sapping. I am now recovering in sick bay and should be able to gain my mobility and strength with this week (I hope) and the shop will re-open again.

I Apologize to our Patrons who must have felted frustrated and angry after having made time to come to my shop and find it not operating. As soon as I am back on my feet, the shop will reopen. Best Regards.

PS I post a picture of the rear of the Volvo 240. The number has been painted out for legal reasons.
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